How To Get Away With Rape Now! by Anonymous

How ToGet AwayWith Rape Now!?Posted November 20, 2017 12:06:09Today I was at a bar, a friend of mine was coming to me and said “I’ve got to ask you something, what’s wrong with you?”.So I was like “oh, nothing really, just I feel like I don’t want to go out”.He went on to tell me…

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How ToGet AwayWith Rape Now!?

Posted November 20, 2017 12:06:09Today I was at a bar, a friend of mine was coming to me and said “I’ve got to ask you something, what’s wrong with you?”.

So I was like “oh, nothing really, just I feel like I don’t want to go out”.

He went on to tell me about how he was raped, the first time he had ever had sex, and how his partner took the condom off and raped him again.

He asked me if I wanted to hear it.

It was horrible.

I said I was ok with it, and I don,t know if it’s a good thing or not.

His partner laughed, and said he would do it again.

This was not a good time to have a conversation with anyone.

I was so ashamed of myself.

After that, my friend said “what the hell are you doing here?

You should go home”.

I felt so ashamed, and felt like a failure.

This is not an uncommon scenario.

Some men go out to get a drink, some women go to the bar and ask for help, and some women ask men to watch them.

In general, I have never felt unsafe because I have a normal conversation, which I do when I’m alone with a partner.

But today, I was having a conversation on my phone with a man, and when he started to talk about rape, I felt very ashamed and felt unsafe.

If you’ve been sexually assaulted and you’ve heard it before, you’re probably thinking “what is going on here?”

The only time I feel safe is when I feel really safe with someone.

If I don the condom, I feel unsafe.

But, when a man says something like “I didn’t rape you, I didn’t even touch you”, then I feel more safe.

That’s because I’m not a rape victim, I’m a survivor.

When you talk to someone about rape and they say something like, “Oh, you didn’t feel raped” and you say “No, I think that’s rape”, then you’re admitting that you don’t feel unsafe, but you’re also saying “Well, I don:)”.

The reason I feel so uncomfortable when a male is saying something like this is because they know that if you say anything, they will get back at you.

They will say “I hate you, you rape me” or “I’m so angry at you, that’s why I’m so mad at you”, or “Why do you feel this way?”

It’s a way for them to get back to you and tell you how they feel, and to make you feel unsafe for having the conversation.

The first time I heard someone saying rape, it felt very different.

At the time, I knew I was a victim of sexual assault, and even though I had a drink at the bar with my friends, I had no idea that it was actually happening.

When I heard this, I thought, “oh my God, he is right, I really shouldn’t be doing that”, because I had to have someone talk to me.

I had never thought of myself as a victim.

Instead of asking him “Why are you talking to me?”, I asked him “What do you want?”

He said he didn’t want me to go back home, but that he wanted to talk to his partner.

When I told him I wasn’t feeling safe, he just looked at me like “why?”.

He then started to laugh, and continued to talk and to ask me questions about my partner.

It was as if I didn,t want to hear anything from him, so I asked again.

After I asked what was going on, he said “Well I think you were raped, I never thought about it.”

I was very uncomfortable.

Now, I know I’m no victim, and that the men who say this are no victims either.

And if you have been sexually abused, you know it.

But if you don,re thinking that way, then you are a victim and a victimizer.

My friends who are victims don’t need to feel unsafe anymore, and they don’t have to hide their true feelings, but they have to get help.

These types of men are using their power to get attention, and the way they do that is through making rape victims feel unsafe and ashamed.

People need to stop using rape to gain power, and if they don,ve got to start using their real feelings to help other people.

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