How to get rid of your boss and be happy again

You’re not sure if you like your boss anymore.Or at least, you probably aren’t.Your boss is probably too nice.Or too nice at work.Or a bad fit.You might have some other reasons for not liking your boss.Whataburger offers a new way to know if your boss is a bad match for you.“Our new, personalized recommendation system…

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You’re not sure if you like your boss anymore.

Or at least, you probably aren’t.

Your boss is probably too nice.

Or too nice at work.

Or a bad fit.

You might have some other reasons for not liking your boss.

Whataburger offers a new way to know if your boss is a bad match for you.

“Our new, personalized recommendation system is a powerful tool to help you keep track of who’s working with you,” the company wrote in an email.

You can check the job openings in your area, and then go to and click on the “jobs” tab.

It’s a quick way to check if your job offers enough job security, a sense of belonging, and a sense that you’re being treated fairly.

The results can be as simple as a better fit or a better pay raise.


Are you sure you don’t want to take that job?

Or that job that’s not really one you want?

“A few of our members have shared the results of their experiences with us, and we’re really proud of how the program has improved their lives,” the Whataburgers wrote.

What the company did was offer its members free job searches and recommendations, but not its own recommendations.

You didn’t need to have an opinion on who should take your job.

All you needed to do was check the jobs to see if the company offered those positions to you, and if it did, that’s a good sign.

What did the job seekers find?

Some of the results that emerged were positive.

A few of them had more experience than you and your friends, and some had a higher education than you.

What are you doing wrong?

“Our member experiences are based on an algorithm and are not influenced by the job or salary,” the firm wrote.

“It’s the job seeker’s decision.”

What do the jobs have to do with your job search?

“You’ll find that most of our recommendations focus on the benefits of your position and the ability to grow,” the job listings say.

“These jobs can include experience, flexibility, and benefits such as career-oriented training, health benefits, retirement benefits, and more.”

Do you think you’d be happier working with your boss?

“As a member of the Whyaburger team, we have an extensive knowledge of the many jobs available in our community,” the website says.

“This is our way of giving our members a voice in their career decisions.”

That voice?

“We’re not the boss,” a spokesperson told The Washington Post.

“We work closely with our members to offer them the tools they need to thrive in their jobs.”

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