Why do we keep hiring people who can’t pass a Turing test?

TechRadars title Why are employers so desperate to get more people to pass a human resources exam?article A few years ago, I was working in a big tech company in San Francisco, working on a product for which I was given a PhD. I’d been working at a startup in Silicon Valley for about a…

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TechRadars title Why are employers so desperate to get more people to pass a human resources exam?

article A few years ago, I was working in a big tech company in San Francisco, working on a product for which I was given a PhD. I’d been working at a startup in Silicon Valley for about a year and a half, and I’d recently started a new job in London as an HR analyst.

I was very proud to have worked so hard to get my PhD. It was the kind of job that I had always dreamed of, and one that had been one of the hardest things I’d ever had to do. 

But at that moment in time, it felt like it wasn’t quite right to be working in HR for a company that had a huge number of people that had never worked in HR before.

I would often see my bosses ask me about how much I was earning as they walked by, and the response would usually be: “You’re getting paid well, but you need to pass the HR exam!” 

So I went back and asked, “So what’s the deal with HR?” 

“Well, the HR folks tell us to take the exam, because it’s part of our job to make sure that everyone passes it.” 

I had been working for the company for a few years, and had been part of the HR team for a number of years before I started my new job, and there was no doubt in my mind that I would be getting the HR department’s blessing to do the HR exams, and that it would make me more qualified for my new role. 

However, that was only one of many ways that HR people would try to convince me that the HR test was not a very important part of my job. 

At one point in my career, I started to realize that a lot of people were really happy to have the opportunity to take this test.

But it felt, for a lot, like I had a very low chance of passing it. 

So at that point, I felt very frustrated. 

In fact, I began to wonder if I had made the wrong choice to start my career in HR. 

The HR people were talking about HR being a valuable skill that I could bring to the company, and it was nice that they were talking to me about it.

But I couldn’t shake the feeling that this was a very bad idea. 

When I was hired as an IT director, I wasn’t the first person that HR had contacted, and so I had some sort of training in how to handle HR interviews.

I had to take an HR interview every three months, and every time I did, I’d go through a long list of questions that they’d ask. 

After a year or two, I had developed an excellent understanding of how to answer those questions, and even though it was a bit of a grind, I did my best to avoid answering anything that I thought would be offensive. 

I also had a much better understanding of the questions that HR would ask me, and when I was asked about my skills and my experience, I would answer honestly and honestly. 

That’s how I would handle my HR interviews as a HR candidate, and how I handled the interviews that I did at the start of my career. 

One day, as I was walking into a meeting with my boss, he walked up to me and said, “You have a PhD in HR.” 


I was surprised. 

“Yes, yes, I do, I have one.” 

He pointed to a picture of my PhD in my desk, and said that the picture of me sitting there was from the old HR department, and asked me what I did. 

What I said was, “You know, in my research, I found out that many people in HR have been told that if they pass the exam in one year, then they are a good candidate for a job.

So I took the test, and passed it.” 

 He was right. 

He was correct that many HR people in Silicon. 

had told people that if you pass the test in one month, you’ll be a good hire for a tech company. 

This is what the HR people told me. 

 So, as a result, I thought to myself, “Well, I guess I need to take a test for a different company.” 

So as I took my first HR interview, I read up on the different kinds of HR jobs, and began to think about what the company’s HR department might look like. 

It was really a difficult time, because at that time, I didn’t have the skills I needed to take on a new role in the HR field. 

My dream job was the HR Director role, but because I didn�t have the training or experience to do that job, I ended up with the HR

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