How to change your LinkedIn profile photo to be more professional

The most important decision you make in your career is how you want to present yourself to potential employers.If you’re a senior HR professional, you’ll want to make sure that your profile picture matches the profile of the company that you’re looking to work for.Here are some tips for how to get the most out…

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The most important decision you make in your career is how you want to present yourself to potential employers.

If you’re a senior HR professional, you’ll want to make sure that your profile picture matches the profile of the company that you’re looking to work for.

Here are some tips for how to get the most out of your LinkedIn image: 1.

Use the right font The best LinkedIn image comes from people who are professionally proficient in the fields you’re most interested in.

For example, a professional photographer with a professional background could use a professional font to highlight the top of their photo.

A designer might choose a font with a geometric pattern that emphasizes the main color of their work.

A font designer might also choose a color palette that emphasizes how the font looks and feels on the screen.

If your job description does not include a professional portfolio, try using a less professional photo to represent yourself.


Choose an image format and image quality If you are not familiar with the different types of images, we recommend you start by choosing an image that is suitable for a variety of media, such as: photos of your home, family, or friends, family photos, and business photos.

You can choose from multiple image sizes and types to fit your needs.


Choose a background The best profile picture is the one that is displayed when you look at it from the perspective of a professional, who can clearly identify who you are and what you’re about to do.

Make sure your LinkedIn picture is professionally done, which means that the background is consistent with your profession and the subject matter of your profile.


Choose the right type of image Use an image editor to create a logo, a logo template, or a text image.

When you submit your photo, make sure you provide appropriate metadata, such the title, the name, the image type, and whether you want your photo to appear in the client’s profile or in a group photo.


Choose fonts for your image A good LinkedIn image will use high contrast colors to emphasize the text, make the image look professional, and highlight the key characteristics of the business.

You’ll also want to choose a bold, well-drawn font that matches the background, like a bold or italic font.

For more information on how to edit your LinkedIn LinkedIn image, visit the Professional LinkedIn Profile Image Editing Guide.


Choose your profile photo in a professional way Choose a professional photo with a strong focus on your strengths and your most recent accomplishments.

For the best LinkedIn profile image, make a photo that you want people to see, not just a photo of your name or the title.

Make the image stand out from the rest of your photo.

For tips on how you can get the best image quality on your LinkedIn profiles, see our LinkedIn profile photography tips.


Use a professional title When you create your LinkedIn photo, choose the title that best reflects your job title.

If it is your first time posting your photo on LinkedIn, choose a professional name that is memorable, relevant to your field, and doesn’t contain words that sound pretentious or offensive.


Choose text that reflects your role A professional LinkedIn profile picture should be composed of a combination of words and pictures that reflect the subject of your professional photo.

If a company is looking for someone to work in their HR department, choose something like “Human Resources” or “Human Resource Services” for your profile image.

For companies that want to use your photo in an advertising campaign, choose “Business” for the profile image and “Marketing” for “Marketer.”


Choose images that reflect your professional credentials Make sure that the image you select reflects your professional identity and experience.

For instance, if you’re applying for a job as a designer, you can use photos of yourself or your family, and if you are a writer, you might choose photos of writing or a published book.

For business or advertising purposes, you should also choose photos that show the kind of expertise and knowledge you have.

For a list of best LinkedIn photos, visit LinkedIn’s professional image guidelines.

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